Supporting lawyers

and their organisations

to thrive

A team of psychotherapists with a background in the legal profession

Offering counselling to individuals and training to organisations

We are a team of psychotherapists with a background in the legal profession. We integrate our in-depth knowledge, skills and experience of the law with our expertise from psychotherapy and neuroscience to offer support to individuals and their organisations.

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We believe that change begins with a deep understanding, which is why we are committed to bringing a (neuro) scientific and psychological approach to the workplace, be that for wellbeing or leadership.

What sets us apart is our experience of the legal world and our psychotherapeutic expertise, skills and depth of understanding of human behaviour. We combine these to help affect change.

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We understand there are times when you can thrive at work and feel at the top of your game. There may be other times when the stress and challenges can become difficult to manage, especially when the demands of the workplace are pitted against the demands from life outside work. This might lead to you feeling overwhelmed, and less able to cope.

We provide the support you need to:

  • help you develop awareness and understanding of yourself and how you react to work and life challenges
  • build new perspectives and strategies¬†
  • develop and enhance resilience
  • increase your capacity to make choices and changes


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We understand, in line with research, that the culture of law firms and the professional identity forged within them may lead legal professionals to experience higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression and burn out and lower levels of wellbeing compared with the general population. We recognise that this is not conducive to productivity, creativity, and successful relationships in the workplace.

We can help by:

  • providing in depth psychological support for your people to help them maximise their ability to overcome their challenges and flourish in the workplace
  • providing bespoke support and training to help you develop your wellbeing strategy and incorporate it into the culture of your organisation