Focused on your needs, informed by our clinical experience and backed up by research

Individual Support

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We provide individuals with one-to-one support to help overcome a range of work and life challenges, e.g. feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, self-doubt, lack of confidence, work/life balance, low self-worth, stress management, low mood, feelings of imposter syndrome and inadequacy, burnout and much more.

We aim to help you develop insights, awareness and understanding of your psychological patterns and how they may be interfering with how you are experiencing your personal and/or professional life. We will help you to build new perspectives, with a view to increasing your capacity to make different choices and changes.

We offer a safe and confidential opportunity to explore issues that may be affecting you.

Life and Work Transitions

We can also support with life and work transitions, so that you thrive during these times of change. For example, for legal professionals returning to work after having a baby, during times of promotion or when taking on a leadership role.

Our Approach to Working With You

We will carry out an initial exploratory session as an opportunity to get to know each other and for you to decide whether you would like to continue the work.

After this we can offer either:

  1. a short-term approach (typically 8-12 sessions) for specific issues; or
  2. longer term, open-ended work for difficulties and patterns which may require a deeper exploration.

We can adapt and tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. All sessions will last 50 minutes.

FEES: The fee for the initial exploratory session is £80. If you decide to continue, the fees for the remaining sessions will be agreed between us within a range of £70 – £110 per session. We offer a fee range to make our services more accessible to all those working in the legal profession.

A flexible approach to meet your needs

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