Our Clients

We have compiled feedback from our partner organisations, workshop attendees and individual clients to provide a sample of their experience working with us.

What Our Partners Say

We work with a range of organisations across the legal profession, collaboratively designing and delivering neuroscience informed and experiential training. Here is some feedback from our partners.

I highly recommend Lawsight's training to any law firms or chambers or in house teams who want to help their staff understand how we respond physically and mentally to the high pressured legal environment. Their sessions are engaging, rooted in neuroscience and offer practical strategies of how to manage the demands of Life in the Law. Their experience and insights from working in the legal sector are invaluable as they 'get' the realities of legal practice which makes their training 100% relatable. LawCare has worked with Lawsight to run webinars on the neuroscience of stress and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Elizabeth Rimmer – CEO of Lawcare

What Our Clients Say

Due to the confidential nature of our work, client comments have been anonymised. We have requested permission from our clients to reproduce their feedback on the work we have done together.

Working with Satpal

Satpal's intelligence, adaptability, empathy, persistence, and cultural insight allowed her to understand me and get to the root of my issues faster and more effectively than any other therapist I have worked with. This led to transformative breakthroughs and meaningful progress in record time. She truly is an exceptionally gifted therapist.

I honestly can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me. I’m just so grateful for everything you’ve helped me with. Your insights have changed how I think about myself and everyone else around me. I didn’t realise how much I needed emotional support until I started speaking to you and if I ever find myself in need again, I will definitely reach out to you.

Working with Claire

It has been such a positive and hopeful experience to have these sessions with you Claire. I can't quite believe where I am now if you remember the deep hole I was in when I arrived. I wanted to let you know that I have left today's session with a sense of belief and hope that I haven't felt in myself before. For the first time I can recall I am actually taking steps in my life to support rather than attack myself. The relief is immense as are my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

I just wanted to say a big thank you. My physical and emotional symptoms of stress have vanished and I feel I understand myself so much better. I can approach my work and life with my head held high. I know I would not have reached this point without the unique support you have offered during our time working together.

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