We use both our legal background and our psychotherapeutic experience to provide law firms and Chambers with bespoke training programmes for partners, lawyers and anyone else working across the legal profession.

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We offer interactive, neuroscience-informed experiential training. Examples of the topics we have delivered to the legal profession include:

  • The neuroscience of stress
  • Neuroscience-informed training for Mental Health Champions within organisations
  • Supporting leaders in having the confidence to have mental well-being conversations with their teams
  • Providing leaders with psychological understanding and strategies based on neuroscience to help improve performance

We are flexible and can create learning solutions and training content in collaboration with organisations to meet specific needs and requirements.

Our training sessions offer a deep dive into understanding and identifying what lies beneath the surface of obstacles that have a psychological component and that may contribute to workplace challenges. We bring our psychological insights to help benefit your business. For example, we use a psychotherapeutic lens to bring awareness to conflicts and dynamics which may be re-enacted from our past patterns of behaviour.

We bring you the latest insights and thinking from the field of neuroscience to help understand what is needed for your people to truly thrive in the workplace and what might be stopping them from thriving. We will combine this knowledge with skills development and an opportunity to practice those skills.

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Why choose us?

  • We understand the legal world
  • We provide practical strategies
  • We bring together our knowledge of the legal world, and our psychological insights to enable change
  • Our training is based on the latest findings from the field of neuroscience
  • We develop bespoke training to suit your needs and budget