Focused on your needs, informed by our clinical experience and backed up by research

What We Offer

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Why you might seek support

Problems at work

  • Challenging work relationships with difficult power dynamics
  • Demanding expectations
  • Unsupportive work environment; having no voice

Challenges outside of work

  • Difficult family relationships
  • Bereavement, divorce, ill health
  • Needs of children, elderly relatives

Are you experiencing anxiety, low mood, lack of self-confidence and struggling to keep unhelpful coping behaviours in check? Are you finding that your ways of dealing with problems and reactions to them are not working well for you now and you don’t know what to do?

What we provide

  • Legal professionals lead busy lives so we have created a short term, yet in-depth approach, which will be tailored to what you need
  • We offer a national online service as well as in person sessions from Birmingham, Devon and Oxford
  • Through the medium of a confidential, professional and supportive relationship you will have the space to talk through and fully reflect upon your difficulties to help you notice how you feel and think about them
  • Through discussion and supportive listening we will help you shift your understanding and thoughts so you can leave with new perspectives and plans for a way forward.

We will take the following approach to working with you:

  • An initial exploratory session as an opportunity to get to know each other and for you to decide whether you would like to continue the work.
  • After this we can offer either:
  1. a short-term approach (typically 8-12 sessions) for specific issues; or
  2. longer term, open-ended work for difficulties and patterns which may require a deeper exploration.

We can adapt and tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. All sessions will last 50 minutes.

FEES: The fee for the initial exploratory session is £80. If you decide to continue, the fees for the remaining sessions will be agreed between us within a range of £70 – £110 per session. We offer a fee range to make our services more accessible to all those working in the legal profession.

A flexible approach to meet your needs

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